Europlanet Cometary Plasma Science Workshop

Helsinki | Finland | March 28-29, 2019



The workshop will be held in the Dynamicum building of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) at the Kumpula Campus in Helsinki.

The room is the Brainstorm Auditorium on the bottom (P) floor.

Public transportation from the Helsinki Central Railway Station and Hotel Presidentti takes about half an hour to reach Dynamicum.

Dynamicum is located on top of the Kumpula Campus hill next to University of Helsinkin Physicum and Exactum buildings.

The street address of Dynamicum is: Erik Palmenin aukio 1, 00560 Helsinki.

Public transportation

Best way to reach Dynamicum from Helsinki downtown is to take a bus at the Helsinki Railway Square (Rautatientori), which is located just next to the Helsinki Central Railway Station. You should get off the bus at the Kumpula Campus (Kumpula Kampus) stop and take a short walk to Dynamicum located on top of the Kumpula Campus.

Almost all busses that have their line number starting with 7 (7X or 7XX busses) stop at the Kumpula Campus. Please see detailed instructions in the links below.

You can get public transportation tickets in many ways including a smart phone app or you can buy tickest from bus drivers. But please note that busses do not accept large notes like 50 euros and above or bank/credit cards. Further, you cannot buy tickets from trams.

Getting public transport tickets.

You a need a ticket with the travel area "Helsinki" in public transport from the Helsinki Railway Square to Dynamicum. From Helsinki to the Helsinki Airport or vice versa, you need a ticket with the travel area "Regional ticket" or "Seutu/Seutulippu".

FMI's directions how to get to Dynamicum.

Google Maps public transport directions from the railway station to Dynamicum.

Google Maps walking directions from the Kumpula Campus bus stop to Dynamicum.

Visitor badge

You will receive a visitor badge when entering the FMI premises. Please keep the badge visible at all times when you are in Dynamicum.

Meeting rooms

The meeting room is the Brainstorm auditorium on the bottom (P) floor. Please note that it is not allowed to take food or drinks in the auditorium.


Dynamicum has a guest wifi access to internet.


Dynamicum has two restaurants. The Tornado restaurant on the first floor serves lunch from 10:45 to 13:45. The Arktis cafe on the bottom floor serves soup and salad lunch from 10:45 to 13:45 and coffee, sandwiches, etc from 8:00-16:00.

Europlanet Cometary Plasma Science Workshop, Helsinki 2019

Europlanet Cometary Plasma Science Workshop, Helsinki 2019