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Aalto Virtual Planetarium v3.0

The Aalto Virtual Planetarium is a tour of the inner Solar System, with the grand structures of planetary magnetospheres show through the eyes of a space physicist. Aimed at education and outreach, the immersive virtual reality experience demonstrates Aalto space research, including the plasma physics of the Sun, magnetosphere of inner planets, the Finland100 satellite and cometary environments. Complex structures and spatial scales of magnetospheric physics are intuitively presented, with plans for research tools of 3D simulation data based on the system.

Contact point: Esa Kallio,

The easiest way to get the latest version of AVP 3.X for Oculus Quest 1 and 2, known as Space Walk, is to get it directly via Oculus App Lab:

App Lab / Space Walk

You can also get the software from this website:

A public version of the latest AVP virtual reality beta version software version (executable package for Oculus Quest 1 and 2) is available here:


Space Walk

Space Walk is also available for users without VR glasses

A public version of the latest Windows version is availabe here:


A public version of the latest Linux beta version is availabe here:

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Videos and images made by the Space Walk:

Project Lead:

Esa Kallio

Development of version 2

VR Project Lead: Sebastian Schlecht
VR Programming: Toni Pesola
VR Programming: Henry Helander
Music: Andrea Mancianti
Academic expert: Riku Järvinen